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The Peaceful Healing Place

Is a place to allow you to become reconnected with your Self.

Your port in the storm.

An oasis that offers support to help ease the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges you may be facing.

A place to experience your own personal transformation

The Peaceful Healing Place is also the home of

Inner Essence Shiatsu 

offering a style of Japanese therapeutic massage called Zen Shiatsu.  


Although the focus is on Zen Shiatsu and other related therapeutic modalities, The Peaceful Healing Place offers other ways for you to unwind, chill and, well, unthink.


If you need a short lunchtime (or anytime!) getaway to reboot, book yourself a private or semi-private (with friends or family) 'chill' session to simply sit or lay on a comfy mat, sip a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of meditative music.


If meditations are your thing, group guided meditations (that are simply designed to help you 'chill' and are not affiliated with any church or belief system) are offered once a month. 

If solitude is your thing, private individual or private group meditations are available.

If you are looking for relief from a variety of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges,

book a shiatsu and/or its related therapeutic modalities of cupping, gua sha or moxibustion

and experience healing on a cellular level.

The Peaceful Healing Place

A place for renewal. For healing.

And, for peace.

Helping to plant and nurture the seeds of possibility within you..... breath at a time.

Thank you for visiting


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