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The Essence of  Shiatsu

Shiatsu nourishes life.

What lies at the heart of shiatsu therapy is the belief in and empowerment of one's unique healing wisdom, illuminating the body's natural capacity for restoring function and maintaining balance. Shiatsu serves to reconnect you with the natural rhythms and cycles of your body. It embraces the synergy of nature and spirit, linking what is happening in the external environment to your internal space.


Shiatsu is deeply nourishing and touches the innermost aspects of your being, affecting change on a cellular level. 

From science, we know that our body's systems create specific products that communicate with each other for the sole purpose of maintaining a healthy cellular environment. When any type of trauma occurs, that healthy environment is disturbed.  The practice of shiatsu considers this, and approaches healing by working with your system's natural self-correcting tendencies to allow for a recalibration, returning you to a place where all systems are fully functioning, receiving nourishment, and working together as a whole.


Harmony for your body. mind and spirit.

We are not just our body. We are also our thoughts, our emotions and our spirit. Because of this inseparable bond, when one system is affected, all systems are affected. Thus, shiatsu brings harmony to your entire being - body, mind, spirit. You will enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing, and may experience improved movement in your joints, healthier sleep, better digestion, easier breathing, improved immune function, and more.


The word "shiatsu" is literally translated as 'finger (shi) pressure (atsu)' and is from the Japanese meaning 'acupressure', often referred to as "acupuncture without needles". The shiatsu practitioner relies on a highly developed sense of touch to assess the condition of your body, delivering a safe, non-invasive, profoundly effective form of hands-on bodywork therapy appropriate for people of any age. Acupoints and channels are accessed and positively affected, helping the benefits of the session travel deeply into your cells to deliver a clinically therapeutic experience.


Rather than focusing on treating symptoms, shiatsu addresses the root cause of a wide variety of ailments and health challenges.


You remain fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used. Shiatsu is traditionally practiced on a comfortable mat on the floor but it can be adapted to a massage table.

In Japan the strongly held belief is that no instrument will ever surpass the precision and sensitivity of the human hand for assessing energy and being able to determine the condition of a person's health. read more about the Japanese Ministry of Health and the NIH


While there are many styles of shiatsu all share the same humble beginnings of Anma, the time-honored and traditional form of massage therapy in Japan. Zen Shiatsu is the style that forms the foundation of the practice at The Peaceful Healing Place/Inner Essence Shiatsu. 


Shiatsu is deeply respectful, doesn't judge, meets you where you are, and helps you feel truly at home in your body, mind and spirit.

So, for you, I offer the healing art of Shiatsu.


Ninetta Keenan

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