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Inner Essence Shiatsu

Inner Essence Shiatsu is so named because I believe that the basic nature of shiatsu is to help allow your light, that innermost life-giving force which is your unique essence, to shine through.

Inner Essence Shiatsu offers a unique healing and therapeutic experience.

As unique as you.

The therapeutic services I offer help provide relief from a variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual difficulties and disorders, and my work with you is guided by who you are as a distinct individual. I offer a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, considering every aspect of your life, and each session is tailored to your exact needs and healing processes.


Your first session with me will include reviewing the health history form you will have filled out prior to our meeting, discussing your health goals and learning about you in a welcoming and non-judgmental way so that I may understand what moves and motivates you. I encourage you to share to your comfort level, although it is important that I understand the medications you may be taking as well as any surgeries, conditions or illnesses that may prevent me from applying the supporting therapies of Gua sha, cupping or moxibustion.

I approach your therapy from the perspective of supporting what is already working well within you, thus amplifying your unique internal healing wisdom, and so I will ask how you'd like to feel. Your answer will serve as the foundation for the session - something to focus on as we work together. Your body can then use this information to gather the resources to naturally rebalance, restore and heal.

Because Shiatsu therapists are holistic health specialists, I am able to share suggestions of lifestyle adjustments that you can try on your own to support your healing process.

I often support the therapeutic benefits of shiatsu with Gua sha, cupping and/or moxibustion, all of which are rooted in the same ancient and respected history of Asian Medicine. Whether I use shiatsu or any of the supporting therapies alone or in combination with one another, the cost of your session remains the same. There is no add-on fee.

It is my wish to make shiatsu and the supporting therapies accessible to anyone seeking a more natural and thoughtful approach to healing.

I invite you to schedule a session to discover what's inside - your true essence, that shining light and unique healing wisdom that has been with you all along.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey.


"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe". 

-Marcus Aurelius


Meet Ninetta


Hello, this is Ninetta. Thank you for visiting!

I am an AOBTA Certified Practitioner of Classical Asian Medicine specializing in Shiatsu, and have been in private practice since 2015.


I love everything about nature, and feel that a gentle and reverent connection with the natural rhythms of the earth and all of creation are vital to our health and inner peace.


I've had enjoyable careers in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds (travel and horticulture), and in looking back I feel they prepared me for what was to come in that they involved helping people find what nourished them. 


Enter shiatsu. I truly feel that shiatsu found me and I quickly discovered that it and the supporting therapies of Gua sha, cupping and moxibustion embodied all of the elements I love about nature and how deeply nourishing and healing they are. I have great respect for these ancient therapies and all that they have to offer.

I graduated from the renowned Zen Shiatsu Chicago, a shiatsu massage school in Chicago, and went on to successfully complete advanced post-graduate training where I learned the principles and techniques to help deliver clinical results for chronic, degenerative and autoimmune conditions. I continue to expand my knowledge and hone my skills by participating in continuing education classes  on a regular basis, and reading affiliated articles and books.

In addition to my Asian Medicine practice, I teach a variety of continuing education and program classes at Zen Shiatsu Chicago - namely Gua sha, cupping and moxibustion.

I am so delighted to bring this lovely healing art to you. I absolutely love what I do and look forward to "sharing shiatsu" with you!

Oh, and my favorite color? Green.

Education, Licensure, Certification

 and Professional Membership

Graduate - Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Post Graduate Clinical Shiatsu Bodywork - Zen Shiatsu Chicago

Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Practitioner - American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA)

Member - Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)



Areas of Specialization

I treat a wide variety of conditions and complaints,
but specialize in:

Stress & Fatigue

Digestive Imbalances


Chronic, Degenerative & Autoimmune Conditions



Menstrual Issues

Depression & Anxiety

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