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Cupping is an ancient therapeutic healing technique that has been used for centuries for maintaining health, having its origins in Egypt, Greece and Asia and eventually migrating to Europe. Your ancestors may have used a cupping technique on you or other family members to help ward off the flu or other illnesses.

Specialized glass, polycarbonate or silicone cups are applied to the skin where there is pain and tension. The skin and underlying tissues are gently brought up into the cup by creating negative pressure inside the cup. This action encourages improved circulation in the area thereby alleviating the pain and tension.   


Cupping therapy restores healthy function to your body. It is especially beneficial for musculo-skeletal challenges such as restrictions in range of movement but also carries the same therapeutic benefits of Gua sha for many acute and chronic internal conditions.


Cupping may be selected for you to help ease chronic holding and postural patterns, or other challenges not easily accessed with Gua sha. However, I often use cupping and Gua sha therapies in the same session to maximize the benefits of each. 

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