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Group Guided

Our meditations are not based on any church, religion, belief system or doctrine.

They are simply designed to help you relax, center, and restore peace and harmony.

All are welcome, whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned veteran.

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The suggested amount for these meditations is $10*.

If this amount is outside of your budget please feel free to contribute what is affordable to you. A basket for your anonymous contribution will be placed outside the studio door.

So please join us. You are most welcome.

Herbal teas, music and essential oils are provided to help enrich your time in meditation.


Please bring a yoga mat or similar, blanket, pillow or anything else to make you more comfortable. Two comfy rocking chairs and four armless upholstered chairs are available for those who prefer to sit. A limited number of blankets are available as well. 

We often end these meditations with sound healing instruments such as crystal and metal 'singing' bowls, rattles, drums, gongs, etc. The instruments played vary each time depending on the energy in the room so come often to experience the full spectrum of sound healing!

I wish you peace of heart, strength of character, and love - love for yourself and for your neighbor.


*Price for regular monthly meditations only. All special events/classes are priced separately.

Guided Meditation Schedule

December 21, 2023 - Winter Solstice Ceremony and Guided Meditation

Join us for a Winter Solstice Ceremony, with a guided meditation following the ceremony. Tap into the energies present during the Winter Solstice, designed to help you return to your inner wisdom and intuition. Experience a sense of inner peace, innocence, and balance, and embrace all that this seasonal transition offers such as the invitation to turn inward, reconnect with your intuition and wisdom bodies, and set aligned intentions for the next season. You will go on a guided visualization journey, experience an energy cleanse and receive a violet light energy renewal, all while helping your mind, body and spirit step into a sense of balance and wellbeing for the Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice is an especially powerful time to cleanse and use your crystals. Feel free to bring any of these (or any others that have been helpful to you) to deepen your experience:
Clear Quartz - balance and clarity
Rose Quartz - self-love
Amethyst - growth and healing
Selenite - cleansing and positivity
Citrine - passion and prosperity
Black Tourmaline - clear negative energy
Garnet - motivation and passion
Carnelian - creativity and energy
Lapis Lazuli - meditation and calming

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January 3, 2024 - Guided Meditation to Embrace Winter's Stillness



Winter is a time of rest, a time to embrace Mother Nature's cues of going inward to reflect on our lives with gentleness and compassion. Join us in this guided meditation to embrace and nurture the stillness that Mother Nature models for us and uncover the potential that lies within.

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