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What My Clients Are Saying

“I never completely knew what Zen Shiatsu was all about. I thought it was just about manipulating different points on the body, similar to acupressure. Boy, was I completely wrong. For me, what came about was a peaceful balance between mind and muscle. As my weekly sessions continued, baby steps were occurring. I felt that my walking (such as it is) has improved. I do not feel like I am dragging an iron ball behind each leg. Better flexibility has occurred.


I enjoy the peacefulness and mindfulness that comes with each session. Those feelings last a long time after the session is over, because not only is my mind happier (due to ease of movement), I feel my muscles and body responding in a very positive way, and yearning for more! I now have a more positive outlook on my future well-being due to shiatsu.

I cannot wait for my weekly sessions! Zen Shiatsu puts a big smile on my face!”

-Kathy G.

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